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About Wet Nose Warm Heart

I'm Victoria and I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends! Training dogs has always come naturally to me and it never made sense to me why so many people had such unruly dogs. Even at a young age I would think "give them a week with me and they wouldn't act like that". I have since learned that it is their owners that require the most training. I work very closely with the owners because, if you don’t know how to enforce the training, your dog will go right back to their old ways. I want to show you not only how to train your dogs but also explain WHY it works.


There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on the best way to train your dog and I want to help you sort through all of that information and find a solution for your individual dog. There is not a one size fits all approach to dog training. Every dog learns differently and it is important to be flexible to get the best results.


My focus in college was Animal Behavior so I like to look at dog training from the dog’s point of view. I have spent years looking at the way dogs communicate with one another and I train in a way that is indicative of dog/dog interaction. Dogs do not speak English, let alone Human, so it is my job to teach you how we can change our behavior to bridge the human/dog communication gap.


I call myself a "LIMA" or "balanced trainer". My training style is primarily positive reinforcement with the occasional negative feedback. I do not use overly harsh forms of training or punishment as I find that it is overkill for most dogs. It's important to be as gentle as you can but as firm as you need to be so there is clear communication between you and your dog.  My goal is for your dog to be happy and eager to learn, not scared or forced into it. I want to strengthen your relationship with your dog and allow you to enjoy your lives with one another.


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