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Group Training Classes

Level 1
  • Essential Commands (sit, down, watch me, leave it, touch)

  • Teach your dog to pay attention and focus on their owner

  • Settle down without prompting

  • Loose leash walking

  • Socialization with people and dogs

  • Polite greetings


$215 for 6 classes


Level 2

  • Open to Level 1/Obedience 1 Graduates

  • Strengthen commands learned in Level 1

  • Heel

  • Sit/stay and Down/stay

  • "Under" AKA settle down under a table/legs

  • "Go Place" AKA go to a bed on command 


$195 for 5 classes


Level 3

  • Open to Level 2/Obedience 2 Graduates

  • Smaller class size for more personalized attention

  • Get back on track with training

  • Work on your dog's weaknesses 

  • Add challenges to take it up a notch


$175 for 4 classes


Classes at Pet Food Express in Rolling Hills!

UPCOMING Level 1 Session:
July 3rd (Wednesdays at 6PM)

UPCOMING Level 2 Session:
July 10th (Wednesdays at 5PM)

UPCOMING Level 3 Session:

If classes are booked, contact me to get on the waitlist or to be notified of future classes.
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