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Walk and Train

Are you too busy to keep up with training? Does your dog need some extra one-on-one time with their trainer? Do you want to get your dog around other dogs in a controlled setting? A Walk and Train is a great option for you!

Personalized training session with me to help exercise your dog and work on creating a well-balanced and well-trained individual. We will focus on their obedience, behavioral issues, socialization...whatever they need help with!

I pick up your dog and take them to a variety of places, with different distractions and challenges, so I can make sure they are solid with their training no matter what the situation. These sessions can be with just me, or with another dog depending on your goals.

Walk and Trains are available for clients that have had either private or group lessons with me.

$50 (45-50 mins)

*availability is limited at this time*

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog!

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